I’ve been doing a short project summary of 2017 as I usually do in the early weeks of a new year to look back and plan ahead. What I love about this job is that it’s so varied – one day I will be illustrating buildings, the next day speaking on a Leadership Development MA course, and the next day designing giant fireworks for a display for 50,000 people. So here are a few highlights for the previous year:



Carlisle Fire Show

Project: Commission to create giant fireworks labels for this year’s installation.

Highlight: painting from a cherry picker 40ft in the air and seeing the final installation.



Rydal Map Commission

Project: Commission for a map and user guide for Rydal Hall, Ambleside.

Highlight: I love drawing maps. Give me a map commission any day! Even better, lets do a map with illustrations.



Bath Fringe Festival – Embedded Cartographies Exhibition

Project: Exhibition of landscape related art and explorative projects – selected for the Golden Gates series.

Highlight: Seeing the work all together in a beautiful context, meeting the curator and sparking ideas.



The Studio Morland Launch event

Project: A new studio base, arts&wellness venue and inaugural exhibition by the fab Louise Atkinson

Highlight: Opening a new space which is set to host a vibrant mixture of exhibitions, events and community activities as well as a melting pot for artists creativity and development… Fantastic to meet Louise and be host for her playful, colourful and accessible first exhibition.



Fraser & Fraser

Project: Commission to produce concluding project graphics for touring exhibition.

Highlight: The People. Also known as Somewhere Nowhere. I love working with these guys, creative professionals to the heart with a beautiful ethos and openness in collaboration.



WHIS Cumbria

Project: Commissioned for live-streamed documentary speed sketching, a skill I honed during lots of conferencing in 2016.

Highlight: Most definately the people involved in this amazing project – the World Health Innovation Summit.



Logo design 

Project: Branding a logo design for Jane Davies Consultants.

Highlight: Working on ideas with Jane on ideas.



Morland Christmas Market

Project: Lovely heartwarming community event with sparkly lights, craft stalls and spicy mulled wine smells at our new studio base – The Studio Morland

Highlight: Making new work for a different purpose than normal. The lanterns were a lovely project in progress and lead to other ideas. Welcoming through the doors a host of new people to the new space and making new friends – we’re a sociable bunch!



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