In December I was invited by IFLAS (at the University of Cumbria’s Ambleside campus) to speak at a symposium exploring leadership development by sector, by practice and in non-Western cultures. The panel included:

Laura Cadman – voluntary sector LD (Cumbria CVS)

Kate Gilman Brundrett – arts leadership development (Artist & Visual Arts Producer)

Ann Kendrick – education sector LD (University of Cumbria)

Nick Lancaster – local business sector LD (Langdale Leisure Ltd.)

Stuart Wroe – LD in youth work and social sectors (University of Cumbria)

Learning outcomes from the symposium were: to have raised awareness of the contextual implications (opportunities, constraints etc) of leadership development in different sectors, and to have heard different perspectives on leadership from a range of stakeholders in order to better design, deliver and critique LD activities.