The Golden Gateways series has been selected for publication in The State of Art: Installation and Site Specific #1, a book mapping international contemporary artists.
Bare Hill Publishing.

The State of Art – Installation and Site Specific #1
Edited by Andy Laffan, Chris Hodson and Robin Laffan.
Softcover, 10.8″ x 8″ (27.6cm x 20.3cm)

ISBN 978-1-909825-05-5

36 Installation & Site-Specific Artists.

126 full colour pages showcasing over 110 artworks from 36 new and established artists from the UK, USA, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Norway, Tunisia, Canada and Spain. This is the third book in The State of Art, art book series and considers how contemporary artists are dealing with what Rosalind Krauss termed “Sculpture in the expanded field.”* That is to say work which either relates to or relies upon the location in which it is placed, referred to more colloquially as Installation and Site-specific art.

The Golden Gateways

The Golden Gateways Series examines the notion of utopia, exploring ways in which our imagination enables our escape.

In a bizarre act of vandalism, the artist has meticulously applied gold leaf to gate locks located in and around the Lake District National Park, notionally transforming them into magical portals – providing access to a world more mystical and utopian.

These images, framed with embellished gold, serve to examine our relationship with the natural world and the ideals we impose upon it, a notion that chimes with the Lake District’s Romantic legacy as a transcendent landscape.

Kate Gilman Brundrett is a visual arts producer, adviser, and freelance artist. For further information visit