Capturing the moment when a public speaker becomes excited or animated and getting the emotion onto paper isn’t easy, but sometimes it works and that millisecond of passion becomes encapsulated magically into a drawing.

I love it when this happens. The process is exhausting but so rewarding as a way of recording: to pour energy into an intense state of concentration and to transfer this from head to hand like an electric conductor into the spontaneous physicality of a drawing. Phew.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a bit of this lately, and it’s become a wonderful way to document moments that are shared within the bounds of a lecture hall but really need to be out there to feed into wider debate on – often really important – issues.

It’s a lively and fun way to record conferences and presentations, share the moment as it happens, engage a wider audience (live streaming on Twitter), encapsulate the energy of the event, transfer the knowledge spoken, and remember what the speakers looked like and what they said.

And it’s not expensive. Get in Touch if you’d like to discuss this idea for your event.