This Friday sees the Private View of Miniscule Venice at the 58th Venice Biennale, curated by Vanya Balogh. The exhibition features miniature artworks no larger than a match box, and features work No.2 from Series 4 of #SOTWOState Of The World Overwhelm.

#SOTWO is a critique on the devastation we have created – are creating – in the world, mixed with the abundance of news and opinion thrown at us every day – and the confusion over truth in that concoction via the (social) media, combined with a simultaneous emotional response of helplessness in the inability to take meaningful action, the anger of the state of the situation that we have created,  the burden of legitimate existence within this framework, and the overwhelm of the magnitude of it, the guilt of living a life within it and the difficulty of creating beauty despite it. #SOTWO is a reflection on the immediacy of our context – the political, economic, environmental and social disaster zone that has emerged through our actions. #SOTWO is our legacy.

Miniscule Part 2 could be regarded as a bijou sociological experiment with one simple proviso: the maximum size of the work is that of the common matchbox; 2” by 1.5”.

Thinking small and making small is a unique position and while some artists specialise in the miniature or reductive ideas and might consider it a regular part of their creative output, many more do not. For most of the artists participating in Miniscule, the format is an intriguing challenge; a stimulus or provocation; potentially a playful distraction from their standard artistic practice. The exhibition includes established and upcoming artists from the UK and around the world.

This diverse exhibition presents carefully considered, imaginative but seriously tiny, fragile art objects – an exquisite mass of breeding minisculism. As curator Vanya Balogh describes “Here we will find a toy-box destruction derby of high-concept in abject competition, a kaleidoscope cross-cut of current making and thinking but one set in an equal arena, although admittedly it may be biased towards the ‘less is more’ camp. Is an object to be judged by its size? Does size really matter? Can we say that the London Eye has more impact on the art world than a bicycle wheel?”

Miniscule Venice
Fondamenta Sant’Anna 996 Castello 30122, Venezia. Italia
11/05/2019 — 21/07/2019
Curated by Vanya Balogh
In Association with Cross Lane Projects,  Kendal.

Artists @ Miniscule Venice
Rebecca Scott GB
Danny Pockets GB
Cedric Christie Jamaica
Vanya Balogh Croatia
Piyali Ghosh India
Emma Croft GB
Gavin Turk GB
Plinio Villagran Galindo Guatemala
Teo Robinson Canada
Tomaz Kramberger Slovenia
Emanuel Fanslau Germany
Jeanne Susplugas France
Marisa Polin Mexico
Mario Sanchez Varas Spain
Tiziana Mandolesi Italy
Katya Kan Kazhakstan
Noriko Uno Japan
Birgit Jensen Germany
Paul Hazelton GB
Sarah Pager GB
Ann Grim France
Christopher Clack GB
Natalia Ryabova Russia
Graham Tunnadine GB
Christina Lorimer GB
KeelerTornero GB
Jochen Saureacker Germany
Lucinda Burgess GB
Maria Jose Arceo GB
Toby Bricheno GB
Sarah Goldbart GB

Noel Grassy Macken GB
Andrew Stys Poland
La Lianna Italy
Nerys Mathias GB
Venetia Nevill GB
Keith Ball GB
Gzillion Artist GB
Ray Gange GB
Ibby Doherty GB
Mahaut Harley Leca France
Olga Jurgenson Estonia
Liz Sheridan GB
Jessica Bailey GB
Daleya Marohn Ethiopia
India Roper-Evans Hungary
Guy Haddon Grant GB
Sarah Sparkes GB
Ian Thompson GB
Roger Clarke GB
Meriilis Riinne Estonia
Meg Shirayama Japan
Mandee Gage GB
Georgina McNamara GB
Deborah Bee Artist GB
Anita Bryan GB
Paul Tucker GB
Jon Baker GB
Dannielle Hodson GB
Tommy Seaward GB
Vanja Karas Serbia
Toni Gallagher GB

Carole Pearson GB
Russell Terry GB
Cathy Gale GB
Lauren Baker GB
Beverley Isaacs GB
Athena Constantinou Cyprus
Alex Ruffini Italy
Michal Cole GB
Petra Lea GB
Spizz Energi GB
Dimtrios Oikonomou Greece
Carloline Gregory GB
Paul Tecklenberg GB
Pascal Rousson France
Veronica Shimanovskaya Russia/USA
Alex Ruffini Italy
Steven Pettengell GB
Melissa Alley GB
Joanna McCormick GB
Tisna Westerhof Holland
Kety Balogh Croatia
Maria Teresa Gavazzi Italy
Alice Herrick GB
Thomas J Ridley GB
Sarah Kogan GB
Susan Haire GB
Almuth Tebbenhoff Germany
Alex Hinks GB
Jason Gibilaro Brasil
Gabriel Mulvey Switzerland
Vera Jefferson GB
Jane Grisewood USA

Kate Gilman Brundrett GB
John Stephens GB
Anna Fairchild GB
John Plowman GB
Fiona McAuliffe Artist Forte GB
Penelope Payne GB
Keiko Owada Japan
Susana Sanroman Spain
Farah Ishaq GB
Anne Leigniel GB
Gina Southgate GB
Angela Wright GB
Katya Kan Kazakhstan
Susan Schulman USA
Neda Dana-Haeri Iran
Toby Morgan GB
Hermione Allsopp GB
Jim Roseveare GB
Maslen & Mehra GB
Riitta Hakkarainen Estonia
Fiona Haines GB
Steve Smith GB
Mary T Spence GB
Nicole Barclay GB
Natalija Jezova Russia
Carol Wyss Germany
Nicola Hicks GB
Geraldine Swayne Ireland
Elli Lestas Cyprus
Edward Croft-Balogh GB
Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick GB
Ian Wolter GB

Exhibition runs until 21st July 2019