Kate Gilman Brundrett

Kate Gilman Brundrett is an artist, visual arts producer and adviser.

She graduated from Camberwell Arts College in 1998 specialising in graphics and sculpture before working for a number of years at The Independent newspaper as a Graphic Artist and then Graphics Editor at The Independent on Sunday. Kate completed an MA in Art’s Management at City University and helped set up AREA10 project space in Peckham with artists Dimitri Launder, Emily Druif and Anila Ladwa, before returning to Cumbria in 2002.

In 2004 Kate founded The Cumbria Network – a hub and developmental space for artists across the region. She also co-founded FRED with Steve Messam, a countywide site specific art festival, and curated a number of art spaces including Greystones Gallery, Inside Out at Bluebell, and an Arts&Business award winning experimental season at The Village Bakery in collaboration with Lowood Arts.

In 2006 Kate was invited to 11 Downing St to input on the nation’s Creative Industries and since has consulted on numerous strategies and regeneration projects including Lowther Castle and Gardens. She organised Why Public Art? and Art & the Built Environment symposiums with Art Gene and developed the Fly Eric series with Celia Cross and LAN working with Art Gene, Castlefield and Storey Galleries.

During 2007/8 Kate worked with small businesses, creative entrepreneurs and start ups through Voluntary Action Cumbria (now ACT) and A4E Enterprise. As a SFEDI qualified adviser she works on a freelance basis advising business start-ups in the creative sector.

Whilst 2009 saw a return to practice based work, the meeting points between art practice and business continued to be a point of interest, a dialogue that was extended through her role as Jobs&Opp Editor for a-n: The Artists Information Company.

Kate has since assisted Eden Arts in Project Manager and Marketing roles and continued to work freelance as illustrator and designer, most recently working on a publication for Natural England, and for Cumbria Museums Consortium on a post map campaign.

Kate describes her practise as a form of social enquiry, referring to herself as a social investigator – a sort of scientist examining people and social dynamics, and the rules and systems that we live among.

Her investigations highlight our accustomed rules and systems, and transpire in multi-layered and often humorous end points. Large scale installation and live art are used as mechanisms to raise queries that stem from how the self sits within its social and physical environment, and how we deal with the tensions this creates. Interaction is often an important component of the installations, and where the audience is invited to take part, touch, play.

The drawings reveal simple studies of the everyday that are sometimes forgotten in our chaotic lives, and a sense of awareness of the alternative.

Selected projects, commissions and exhibitions:


EXHIBITION: Cumbria Artists Showcase, Penrith: Exhibiting ‘Waterfall’, a shee wee readymade.

ART COMMISISON: Carlisle Fire Show: production of banners for the fire show, with workshops in 3 schools to explore and produce imagery about the industrial revolution.

‘FRESCO’ COMMISSION: Edenhall Estate map: private commission for a wall fresco for the estate office, including detailed illustrations of features from the estate.


ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN: Rico the Rebel: Life of a sand lizard book illustration and design for Natural England

ART COMMISSION: River Life: Interactive visitor artwork and marketing visuals commission for Eden Rivers Trust.

ART WORK: Pillow. Embroidered drawings onto hospital pillow cases depicting traumatic experience. Work available for exhibition.

ILLUSTRATION COMMISSION: Poster map campaign: graphic arts commission for Cumbria Museums Consortium.


PUBLICATION: The State of Art: Installation and Site Specific #1. Selected for inclusion in publication mapping contemporary artists in the UK. Bare Hill Publishing.


ART WORK: Jumper for an angel: knitted woollen jumper with holes for wings. Available for exhibition.


PUBLICATION: The Drawing Paper: In association with the exhibition Tracing the Century: Drawing from Tate Collection, nominated by Margaret Harrison for Drawing Paper 6, a special issue co-curated by Gavin Delahunty (Tate Liverpool), published to coincide with the exhibition, and the opening of Liverpool Biennial 2012.


EXHIBITION: Parallax: Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall, London.vSelling show featuring the Golden Gate series.

EXHIBITION: C-Art Open Studios: Cumbria-wide open studios event coordinated by Eden Arts.


EXHIBITION: Sedition: An Uprising of Cumbrian Contemporary Artists. Selected exhibition. Tullie House, Carlisle.


ART/PERFORMANCE PROJECT: The Ministry of Creative Parking: Parking wardens visit Penrith, awarding examples of creative parking with a certificate and lollipop Penrith, Cumbria


ART INSTALLATION: WALL: Installation as part of FRED 2006. A section of drystone wall is replaced with domestic objects usually found in the kitchen to raise thoughts about boundaries and social positions.bMelmerby, near Penrith.

EXHIBITION: Art in Eden: Open Studio event.

EXHIBITION: GIFT: Project involving the exchange of objects as part of Liverpool Biennial Independents exhibitions. Museum Man, Liverpool

EXHIBITION: The Bang! Bang! Collective: A temporary large scale drawing of a daddy longlegs drawn on a wall with tape, as part of a weekend exhibition event. The Old Toy Museum, Cockermouth.

EXHIBITION: Salon Show: Drawings and sculptures included in Salon exhibition as part of Liverpool Biennial Independents exhibitions.
The A Foundation, Liverpool. October / November

EXHIBITION: Objects in Waiting: Display of objects found in artists studios intended for use in projects or inspiration.
Sheffield. October 2006

EXHIBITION: Landmarks III: Rain drawings included in this environmental and landscape open exhibition. Lowood Gallery, Armathwaite. May 2006


ART INSTALLATION: View: Part of FRED 2005. A shed is placed on a hill, visitors are asked to take a ticket and become an authorised view of the landscape. Aira Force, Ullswater. October 2005

EXHIBITION: Drawings: Lowther Horse Trials. Collection of animal based drawings. August 2005


ART INSTALLATION &WORKSHOPS: Light and Wings in the Dark Time: Life sized light sculptures on the outside of a town centre building. Angel square, Penrith. December 2004

INSTALLATION/WORKSHOP: Sheep Word Games: Interactive flock of words and images as part of FRED. Greystones Gallery, Glenridding, The Lake District. October 2004

EXHIBITION: Eden Arts Open Studios: Showing a range of illustrations. Cliburn, Cumbria. May 2004

EXHIBITION: The Cow Series: Illustrations of cows and sheep. Greystones Gallery, Glenridding, The Lake District. January 2004


LIVE ART/PERFORMANCE/WORKSHOP/EXHIBITION: Art Moves Art: Improvisation live performance. Bluebell Inside Out Gallery, Penrith. October 2003

EXHIBITION: The Cow Series: Paintings and drawings. Bluebell Inside out Gallery, Penrith. February 2003


INSTALLATION: Square Circle: Two and a half tonne concrete installation. Area 10, Peckham, London. September 2002

EXHIBITION: Snowcase: Exhibition of multiples. Fold Gallery, Kirkby Stephen.. December 2002


INSTALLATION: Dusk: Installation of aluminium figures as part of an evenings art showcase exploring the twilight zone. Hampstead Heath, London. July 1998

COMMISSION: Crowd 2: Figurative aluminium and concrete sculptures commissioned by Nigel Hall, Covent Garden, London and Worminghall Estate, Oxford. July 1998

INSTALLATION: Crowd 1: Degree Show Exhibition. Camberwell, South London. 1998

EXHIBITION: Leisure: Group show at Camberwell Leisure Centre. 1997

Project management, office based work and consultation


Marketing officer, Eden Arts Trust
Heading up marketing on C-Art, Picnic Cinema and the Winter Droving.


Jobs and Opps Editor, a-n


Project Officer, Eden Arts Trust
Inventing and managing the Best in Eden project.


The Saturday Project Independent run project on Penrith’s regeneration
Draw from Life Life drawing sessions Vine & Roses art space


Fly Eric Network and symposiums with Celia Cross Art Gene, Castlefield, Storey Gallery


Art & the Built
Environment Symposium Art Gene, Barrow
Blue Tarn Collective Women artists based in Cumbria Voluntary Action Cumbria


ArtTalking/FRED Countywide art talks The Cumbria Network
VBG Experimental visual arts curatorial programme The Village Bakery Gallery / Lowood

ArtTalking/FRED Countywide art talks The Cumbria Network
Why Public Art? Symposium Art Gene, Barrow
VBG Experimental visual arts curatorial programme The Village Bakery Gallery / Lowood
Curatorial Exhibition curation for art space Greystones Gallery


FRED04 Countywide Art Invasion FRED / The Cumbria Network
Travelling Light Artist – managed project with Rob Fraser Independent artist
Curatorial Exhibition curation for art space Greystones Gallery
Curatorial Exhibition curation for art space Inside Out, Bluebell Bookshop


Art Moves Art Art, music and performance improvisation events Bluebell / The Cumbria Institute
Curatorial Exhibition curation for art space Greystones Gallery
Curatorial Exhibition curation for art space Inside Out, Bluebell Bookshop


ARE10 Project space in South London ARE10


The Festival of Lying Artist project assisting Anna Best and Guthrie & Pope Grizedale Arts


Visual Arts showcase Programming for London based arts festival Southwark Art Festival